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Off Ice Summer Training Program

What It Is:
An off-ice training program that will take your game to the next level. Each week, participants will personally train with Ryan for two days for an hour at a time. Additionally, they will complete three days of at-home workouts personalized for them. Every week will build on the week before in order to reach the goal of being faster and stronger on the ice. Training for next season starts now!
How it Works:
First, choose your weeks. The program will run in four week increments. While it is recommended that the weeks are consecutive, if a week is missed due to illness, vacation, etc., it can be moved to the following week.
Schedule your workouts. Workouts with Ryan will be hour long sessions, twice a week.  – choose what days work best for you.
Grab some friends. These workouts are meant to be fun and productive. They can be done individually or in groups up to four.
Sign the contract. All participants will be required to sign a contract up front, agreeing to four weeks minimum participation, to complete all at-home workouts and to perform to the best of their ability.
Pricing: $400 per four week increment. Full payment is due at the start of the training period.

Off Ice Summer Training Program
$400 for four weeks of training
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